Let's talk about how much does it cost to get a cat spayed. This is greatly varied depending upon where we're talking about. There are lots of humane societies when an animal is adopted or a cat is adopted, they have a program within that allows them to spay at a low cost. Spaying can very quite a bit. Anywhere from $100 typically up to $250 seems to be an average. But again, that can very. Always ask a place if you adopt a cat first what that cost entails or talk to your veterinary clinic at what that cost entails. Spaying is extremely important because cats reproduce very, very quickly. If it's an outdoor cat, it's susceptible to getting pregnant, obviously, and having kittens after kittens and propagating the cat species and there's just too many strays already. Generally cats should be spayed by six months of age if at all possible avoiding their first heat cycle which comes later. They have a tendency to get breast cancer or mammary cancer as they get older especially if they weren't spayed. Breast cancer in cats is aggressive typically and can be fatal. And so, again, get your cat spayed. Talked to your clinic and they can help you and guide you as far as how much cost is concerned because it involves, not just spaying but also generally blood work and the pain medications to go home.