Hi. I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. When do you trim miniature roses? Well much like a large rose, you're going to trim them when there's any dead looking branches. And they'll get them. Even the miniatures. You'll come back in and you'll see like a little area where there's some dead up above and that needs to be trimmed out. So go ahead and take it with your little fingers. Now miniatures usually have smaller leaves and they may be on their own root stock. Go in there and take a nice clean cut, get rid of the dead looking material and just like a large rose bush, by trimming off the dead, you're going to have a better looking plant. Trim them back to logical spots and don't leave any dead areas on there. If you've got a dead spot, trim it off and it's always a good idea to come back down to where it's a little leaf bud is going to be. Normally about an eight of an inch above that leaf bud and in that direction of that leaf bud is the way the rose is going to break or branch back out. If you do good trimming on roses, you'll get a nice full looking plant and good looking flowers. If you've got any kind of bad area, make sure you trim it off. It's easy to do and kind of like a haircut. If it's a bad cut, it's going to grow back. For askmrgreenthumb.com, I'm Stan DeFreitas.