Inside Door Lock Types & Replacement Keys

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For nearly every application there's a type of interior lockset. Locksets can provide security, privacy or even the illusion of a locked door. To create a replacement key for an interior door lock, you can have a hardware store cut a copy or you can rekey the entire lock at home.

Whether you want to secure an interior space or rekey existing locks, an understanding of inside door lock types and replacement keys prepares you to choose the right gear for your project.

Entry Lockset

An entry lockset requires a key for entry, but not for exit. This type of door lock frequently appears as an integral part of both interior and exterior door knobs; in other words, you stick the key directly into the door knob. Opposite the key slot, inside the room, a rotating button locks and unlocks the entry lockset. Although entry locksets provide restricted access and privacy, their lightweight latching mechanism provides only minimum security from forceful entry.


A deadbolt is separate from the door's knob and only functions as a lock. The deadbolt consists of a heavy-duty metal cylinder that slides deep into the door's jamb. There are generally two types if deadbolts: deadbolts that are operated by key on one side and deadbolts that are operated by key on both sides. Deadbolts keyed on one side have a handle on the room's interior.


The storeroom locket's special features restrict access to key holders only. From the outside, a storeroom lockset looks similar to an entry lockset; its key slot is an integral part of the door's knob. However, the storeroom lockset automatically relocks once the key is removed. Additionally, the door's interior knob lacks a lock-button so that the door cannot be locked or unlocked from the interior. Instead of a lock-button on the room's interior, the storeroom lockset remains always unlocked from the inside. As suggested by its name, the storeroom lockset often serves the purpose of a limited-access, commercial storeroom.

Replacement Keys

There are generally two ways to replace inside door lock keys: make a copy of an existing key or rekey the door lock to accept a new key. Most homeowners are familiar with copying keys; hardware stores cut replicas of existing keys on specially designed key machines. Rekeying a lockset requires a locksmith's rekey kit, available at most hardware and home improvement stores. To rekey a lock, you must have a copy of the lock's key. A rekey kit allows you to remove the lockset's tumbler and replace its pins, thereby changing the profile of the matching key's ridges.