Italian Christening Gifts

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An Italian christening is typically a Catholic ceremony and is a child's initiation into the church. It occurs when the child is less than a year old. The child's godparents, who will help guide the child on his spiritual path, stand up at the front of the church with the parents and promise to raise the child in the Christian faith and then the child is sprinkled with holy water. Sometimes the child is given a flower or a small cross necklace. It is traditional to give the baby a christening gift at the small party that normally follows. There are several tried and true gifts and others that are less typical.

Super Traditional

Traditional gifts for a christening include pewter, silver or china. These are sometimes things the child can use when they are older and other times something simple, like a silver cross necklace that the child can wear throughout her life.


A photo album or a keepsake box is another popular christening gift. You can add some photos of the child previous to his christening and leave plenty of room for future photos and photos of the event itself.


A Bible is a very traditional gift. There are many nice, leatherbound versions. Rosary beads, if the child is Catholic, can also be presented to the child along with the Bible.

Anything with a Cross On It

Anything with a cross on it makes a good christening gift. There are cross statues, stuffed animals with crosses, mugs covered in crosses, you name it, it probably exists. A simple search should offer many different options.

Personalised Blanket or Picture Frame

Personalise a blanket or picture frame with the child's name and christening date.

From Birth to Wedding Day Gifts

There are christening head bands that are intended to be used as the baby's garter when she becomes a bride and bonnets that become wedding hankies.

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