How to Identify My Stubben Saddle

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The Stubben name is among the most widely known and well-respected in the world of English saddles. These saddles are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and for their longevity. A Stubben saddle that is properly cared for can provide decades of great service and comfortable riding, and for that reason used Stubbens are always in high demand. Being able to identify a genuine Stubben can help you snag a bargain the next time you attend a tack auction or visit your local tack shop.

Locate the nail head at the front of the saddle. A Stubben saddle manufactured between the mid-1970s and mid-1980s will have nail heads engraved with the Stubben logo. Saddles manufactured after the mid-1980s will feature blue nail heads.

Lift the flap at the front of the saddle, just behind the nail head. Look for an oval medallion with the Stubben logo.

Look for a serial number under the flap. If the saddle has seen hard use, this serial number may be hard to read, but in many cases it will still be clearly visible. You may also see a model number listed either on the silver medallion or next to the serial number.

E-mail a clear digital photograph of the medallion, serial number, nail head and flap to The Stubben company can review this information and send you information about the age and model of your saddle.

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