Gifts for someone travelling to Australia

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When flying to Australia, most passengers must prepare for a long flight of 18 hours or more. Gifts for someone travelling to Australia can include items to make them more comfortable, entertainment devices, or books and other reading materials to keep them busy for those many hours in the air.

Other gifts will help travellers enjoy all that Australia has to offer, including a temperate climate, outdoor activities, beaches and cities.

For the plane

For long flights to Australia, look for gifts that will help travellers stay comfortable and entertained. Many types of iPods store films or TV programmes along with podcasts, audio books, photos and personal music collections. Noise-cancelling headphones will help drown out screaming kids, while new electronic book readers like the Kindle, iPad or Nook allow literary lovers to read multiple e-books on one device. Extra batteries can also be helpful to keep these devices working over long flights. Neck pillows and loose, comfortable clothing and footwear will also help travellers get some sleep in those tight economy seats.

Sun safety

Sunscreen and other products for sun protection are practical but important gifts for someone travelling to Australia due to the risk of UV radiation exposure. According to the Australian government's Department of Health and Ageing, Australian's have the highest incidence of skin cancer throughout the world, and visitors should be aware of the risk of UV radiation. Skin care products with SPF 30 or higher like waterproof, broad spectrum sunscreen, face moisturisers and lip care products, plus hats, sunglasses and sun protective clothing are essential when travelling in Australia.

Clothing for Australia

Climate varies in a large country like Australia, so consider where the person will be travelling and during which season. In a city like Melbourne, located in the south of Australia, a lightweight and waterproof jacket is a great gift for the windy and rainy winters. Flip flops (known as "thongs" in Australia) and swimsuits are better options during the summer to enjoy one of Australia's 10,000 beaches.