How to get Ecco shoes re-soled

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Ecco is a popular, international brand of designer shoes available online and in stores. The company manufactures casual, dress and outdoor shoes for men, women and children in a variety of styles. If you are considering buying Ecco shoes or you already own a pair, you might want to know where you can take them in case they become damaged. The company has a special arrangement for its customers to handle everything from cleaning to resoling.

Go to your computer's Internet browser and type in this web address: This is the site for NuShoe NuCraft.

Press the "Download Order Form" tab. You will be taken to a page where you will be offered two options: 1. E-mail Nushoe and request an order package. 2. Print your own order form and shipping label.

Wait three to five days to receive your mailing package, if you should choose option 1. This will include a mailing bag, order form and shipping label. Fill out the order form and mail your shoes in the bag to NuShoe.

Fill out the order form and mail your shoes in your own sealed package, complete with the shipping label, if you choose option 2.

Wait two to four weeks to receive your resoled shoes.

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