How to Dispose of Mobile Phone Batteries in the United Kingdom

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If your mobile phone's battery is getting old and refuses to stay charged, do not throw it away with regular garbage. Batteries contain toxic metals that seep into the soil and contaminate the ecosystem as the batteries sit in landfills indefinitely. Instead, you can recycle your old mobile phone battery, along with other household batteries, at a dry cell battery bank. Or you may be able to recycle your batteries through the Community Battery Recycling Alliance (CoBRA) Scheme.

Remove the unwanted battery from your mobile phone. Store with other used batteries in a glass container away from sunlight and heat to prevent them from leaking.

Deposit batteries in a specified dry cell battery bank. These banks, which are usually a green cardboard box, can be found in many local supermarkets, chemists and photographic shops.

Ask your local recycling facility whether kerbside collection accepts batteries if you cannot locate a dry cell bank.

Go to the CoBRA Scheme battery recycling website.

Enter your postcode into the designated text field on the Find a Recycling Point page. Click "Go."

Take your unwanted battery to the recommended collection point.

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