How to Defrost Beef Roast

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Home cooks prepare beef roast different ways including braising, grilling and roasting. Stocking up on discounted beef roasts is a good way to save money and feed your family. Keep beef roasts in prime condition by keeping them frozen until you are ready to cook them. Once you put beef on the menu, you'll need to defrost the meat before using it in your favourite recipes. It is important to use the proper defrosting methods to get your meat thaw. Defrosting improperly may expose you to bacteria.

Place the frozen beef roast on a platter. Put the platter of beef inside the refrigerator. Allow the beef to defrost for three to five days.

Open a large, zippered storage bag and place the packaged beef inside. The bag will protect the meat from becoming soggy. Fill the sink with cold water. Place the bag of beef in the water. Empty and refill the water every 30 minutes for two to three hours.

Arrange the roast in a microwave safe container. Put the roast in the microwave. Select the defrost function and select the weight of your beef roast.

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