How to Carry Things While on Crutches

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When walking with the aid of crutches, you will require both arms and hands to operate the crutches. This keeps your hands occupied and thus unable to carry things. There are alternatives, however, for carrying things while using crutches. With use of a few tips you will see that although your hands are busy steadying the crutches, you can still carry items along.

Place heavy items such as books or a purse in a zipper backpack. When you want to get something out of the backpack, you will need to stop, steady yourself on your crutches and remove the backpack for access to your items.

Wear a bumbag around your waist. If you carry a purse, consider switching your purse items to a bumbag while you use crutches to enable fast and easy access to your things. Simply unzip the bumbag to access your items.

Wear an apron with pockets. This is probably suitable only while you are at home, but you can tie a basic apron around your waist and place a few miscellaneous items in the pockets.

Place items such as money, cell phone, keys and other small things into the pockets of your jeans, trousers or a sweatshirt.

Wear a lanyard around your neck and attach items such as sunglasses, cell phone or key ring to the lanyard for instant access.

Use special crutch pockets that attach to one or both crutches beneath the hand grips. These pockets usually attach with Velcro straps, giving you one or two places where you can carry items. You could slip a water bottle and a snack into one pocket and an MP3 player or cell phone into the other for easy access.

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