Good Gift for a Paralyzed Person

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Do not let discomfort or lack of knowledge keep you from finding a good gift for the paralysed person in your life. Despite this person's restricted mobility, be assured that a thoughtful, appropriate gift will be very much appreciated.

Pay attention to the recipient's interests and personal situation to determine the very best gift.

Mobility Aids

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A paralysed person still needs to get out and about. Give him a swivel car seat and install it on the passenger's side of the car he rides in the most. Or, try installing a bar to help him get into and out of the car. Offset hinges modify a door so that it swings away from the door frame and makes it easier to get a wheelchair through. A set of light switch extenders makes it easier for a paralysed person to turn on the lights from a seated position.

Wheelchair and Scooter Accessories

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She spends her entire day in it, so her wheelchair or scooter should be as conveniently outfitted as possible. Get her an armrest pouch or a "saddle bag" for keeping odds and ends close at hand. Or, try a heated seat cushion for warmth during the winter months. You could also opt for the an umbrella that doubles as a sunshade or a double-fleece leg wrap for staying warm on the go.


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He may not be able to walk, but he is still able to laugh. Take the recipient to a theatre production or comedy club for the evening. He will enjoy getting dressed up and being among others. Alternately, send him on a vacation with a travel group for people with disabilities. "Kidnap" him for the day and treat him to a mini tour of your city. Explore museums, galleries and local attractions together, then treat him to dinner wherever he wishes.

Time and Services

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A paralysed person may not get many visitors beyond a nurse and a couple of close family members. Give generously of your time; it is a wonderful gift. Make a weekly date to take her out for coffee or to cook dinner together. Offer to mow her lawn once a month or hire a monthly maid service for her. Lend a helping hand to assist her in completing a task, such as rearranging her kitchen or living room furniture.