How to Get a Food Stall Space at Car Boot Sales

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Car boot sales are informal selling places, similar to flea markets, located throughout the United Kingdom. You can find all sorts of amazing treasures at one of these sales, from antiques, furniture, clothing and garden accessories. The name for the sale comes from the British word for car boot, which is boot.

The sale consists of things that you can fit in the boot of your car to sell or to buy. The sales also have vendors that serve food and beverages to the hungry shoppers.

Locate the closest car boot sale to your area. Use an online locator service such as Car Boot Junction or Car Boot Sale Directory for listings.

Call the organisation who runs the sale to find out specific information about becoming a food vendor. Go directly to one of the sales to speak with the organisers about opening a food stall if a number is not listed or easily available.

Register your food stall with the Food Standards Agency at least 28 days before you wish to sell food. Information and applications are available online at the website of the Food Standards Agency. Fill out the application and pay the fees. Wait for approval before beginning your business.

Follow the instructions of the event organisers to gain a food stall space. You will likely need to fill out an application explaining the type of food you will sell, show all necessary licenses and registrations and pay an entry fee.