How to donate gym equipment

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If your old elliptical trainer or yoga mat is collecting dust in your garage, try donating the items to a charitable organisation. Many churches, schools, youth clubs and othr non-profit organisations will be eager to take the items off your hands. Many organisations might even come to your location and pick up your old gym equipment. So don't use that old treadmill as a glorified clothes hanger, instead give your unwanted gym equipment to an organisation or individual who will use the item.

Contact local charity shops to donate unwanted gym equipment. Some larger branches may accept used gym and exercise equipment, and will sell the items or give the equipment to groups in need.

Visit the Charity Commission's website to find local not-for profits in your area, and use the advance search function. Phone a few of these organisations to see if they are willing to take your unwanted gym equipment. If the organisation will not take your gym equipment, a representative might be able to point you to a charity that does take gym equipment.

Attempt to donate your smaller unwanted gym equipment to Sports Gift, an organisation that provides sports equipment to disadvantaged children throughout the world. The organisation will only take specific items, such as skipping ropes and balls, so look over the detailed list located on their website.

Visit free advertising and recycling sites to get rid of used exercise mats. Donating the old mat improves the environment and creates more space in your cupboards.

Try posting the item on Craigslist or in the local newspaper. See if your local newspaper has a section dedicated to free goods. Describe the gym equipment item clearly and attach a photograph with the online posting or newspaper ad.

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