Gag Gift Ideas With a Motorcycle Theme for Turning 50

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The 50th birthday has long been considered the turning point in a person's life. Over time the birthday has acquired the nickname "over the hill" as it is typically the halfway point for most people. Over the hill gifts are available in nearly any theme imaginable, including motorcycle or biker themes. When picking an over-50 gift for someone, it is important to make sure it's a style that is meaningful to them in some way so that the gift is not misconstrued as mean or hurtful. With a little creative thought, you can find the perfect biker-themed, over-50 gifts for your loved one.

Number Plates

Motorcycle number plates that say something comical about turning 50 are a fun gag gift to get for a motorcycle enthusiast. Motorcycle number plates are commonly sold with a pre-printed message so that the plate can fit a larger saying on it than if it was printed like a standard plate. However, if you would like to do something even more unique, you can have one printed with a custom saying on it.


An "over the hill" patch to sew onto the back of a motorcycle vest makes a great gag gift for a motorcycle enthusiast on their 50th birthday. Motorcycle patches are commonly worn to represent beliefs or membership to a motorcycle club amongst enthusiasts. Many speciality stores sell gag patches for any occasion, some will even custom make patches for an added fee. If you are having a patch custom made, make sure the saying is something that is meaningful, yet funny to the recipient.

Leather Attire

Leather hats and vests with fun sayings on them are common motorcycle-themed gag gifts for someone turning 50. Many speciality stores have a wide selection of sayings for those turning 50. Look for stores that sell high quality leather; this way the gag gift will last and bring memories for years to come. Some specialists will print something custom; consider buying a vest in the person's size and having a patch-like design printed on the back saying something comical.

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