How to verify a coach serial number

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While a Coach handbag may have trademarks that look legitimate, a Coach handbag purchased second-hand may have its authenticity questioned. While Coach has used a distinct fabric for years, it may not be readily apparent whether or not your bag is an authentic Coach purse.

Purchasing a Coach bag from an unauthorised retailer puts you at risk for a fake handbag.

Examine the bag. The first indication of a counterfeit Coach bag is uneven stitching inside the handbag. Locate the serial number inside the bag or find the number on the Certificate of Authenticity.

Call Coach at 888-262-6224. Give the customer service representative the bag's serial number. An authentic Coach handbag has a serial number registered with Coach, and the representative can determine authenticity immediately over the phone.

If you cannot find a serial number, mail your handbag to:


Attn: Authentication

One Coach Way

Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Some older authentic Coach handbags do not have a serial number on the inside pocket. When the handbag is received at Coach, a Coach employee will examine the bag to ensure it is authentic.

Visit a Coach store or outlet. A Coach sales clerk can detect a counterfeit bag by examining the fabric, zipper and seams.