Ideas for a Mad Scientist Birthday Cake

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Throw a mad scientist party for Halloween or a birthday. Once you have the decorations ready and the invitations sent out, it's time to pick a cake. A plain old sheet cake won't work with the theme; use a few decorations to turn almost any cake into a mad scientist cake. Treat your mad scientists to individual cakes worthy of their brilliance.

Miniature Volcano Cakes

Lava cakes get their name because while the outside of the cake bakes, the inside remains slightly gooey and oozes out of the cake once it is cut. Make miniature chocolate cakes in a cupcake or muffin tin. Serve a chocolate lava cake and watch the looks on their faces when they cut into the cake and see the insides run out.

Alternatively, bake individual chocolate cakes, making one small cake for each guest. When the cakes cool, fill a piping bag with strawberry sauce or jam. Push the end of the piping bag into each cake and fill it with the mixture. When the guests cut into their cakes, the strawberry filling oozes out like volcanic lava.

Brain Cake

Create your own brain cake for a mad scientist party using a brain-shaped cake pan. If you can't find a pan of this type, then bake the cake in an oven-safe glass bowl. Remove the cake from the bowl and trim off any rough edges, giving it a round shape. Add pink and purple dye to white frosting, making a slightly grey colour. Pipe squiggles of frosting over the top and sides of the cake, making it look like a brain.

Beaker Cake

Cut a sheet cake into the classic beaker shape, with a large base and small top. Decorate the cake with white and black frosting, making the individual lines on the sides of the beaker. Or, stack round cakes on top of each other and cut them into a beaker shape with a serrated knife before decorating.

Ice Cream Experiment

Ice cream is essentially cream, sugar and other ingredients cooled with rock salt and ice. Give each mad scientist the basic recipe and let them add candy, fruit and other ingredients. Place the mixture in small plastic bags and seal. Stick the bags inside a larger bag, with rock salt and ice. Ask the guests to shake the bags and keep turning them until the ice cream freezes. Use the homemade ice cream to make a quick ice cream cake, layering the flavours in a cake pan.

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