Lenten Bulletin Board Ideas for Grade 1

WINTER TREE image by SKYDIVECOP from Fotolia.com

Lent is the 40-day period from Ash Wednesday until Easter Day. It is traditionally a time for reflection on Christ's sacrifice and a time to consider what people might give up in order to draw closer to Christ. The Lenten theme suggests several notice board ideas for first grade classes.

Lenten Branch

Cover the notice board with a background colour of your choice; blue to represent the sky is a good option. Attach a bare tree branch to the notice board (or alternatively, create a bare tree from brown paper and attach it to the board). Give children paper leaves and encourage them to write an item they can give up for the Lenten season as they look forward to Easter. Attach these leaves to the tree or branch on the notice board.

Prayer, Sacrifice, Preparation

This notice board provides a visual example of three vital Lenten components. Cover the notice board with a pastel shade of paper (which symbolises the approach of Easter) and attach a paper church in the centre. Cut and attach the words "prayer," "sacrifice," and "preparation" around the church. If desired, cut paper flowers and help students write examples of prayers, acts of sacrifice and acts of preparation they have made and attach these to the board.

Lenten Road Map

This notice board gives children a visual picture of the journey they make from Ash Wednesday through the Lenten season to Easter. Cover the notice board with background paper. Then, use paper to create a winding path traversing the board with a section for each of the 40 days. Label the beginning of the path "Ash Wednesday" and the ending "Easter." Along the path, place road signs reminding students of Lenten obligations such as prayer, and a traffic light each Friday reminding them to abstain from meat.