The Importance of Displaying Students' Work

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Classrooms and school hallways filled with colourful pictures, artwork and essays are visually appealing, but also serve an important purpose in the school community. Displaying student work is important for communicating with parents, fostering community and helping students feel valued. From notice boards to display cases, students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their work displayed.


One of the important aspects of displaying student work is communicating with parents and the larger school community. From preschool through high school, parents like to know how their children are occupied during school hours. Displaying student work engages parents in the school environment and informs them about student progress and participation.

Displaying student work in common areas fosters a sense of community, inviting students to see what is going on in other classrooms. Walking through the hallways of a school should tell a story about the learning taking place in that community, as well as enhancing the overall school environment.


Classroom notice boards should be student centred rather than teacher centred. Many teachers start the school year with blank notice boards so that student work can be displayed from the very first week. Younger students benefit from getting to know their classmates through notice board displays. One of the biggest benefits of displaying student work is instilling in students a sense of pride in their own work. Knowing that adults value their work helps to be build self-esteem in students.


Displays of student work can also document the process of student accomplishment. While displaying the end product is important, understanding the procedures that created the project helps students and members of the school community understand the diligence and determination that goes into school work. Celebrating the process helps instil in students an appreciation for hard work and following directions.


Displaying student work can help students learn from one another through social interactions and having a common dialogue for learning. Students can be inspired by seeing the work of their fellow classmates. Teachers can also be inspired and informed by work that goes on the walls of their classrooms. Displaying student work helps teachers track progress and pinpoint areas for learning reinforcement.

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