How to Print Notices Off the Computer

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A number of desktop publishing and word processing programs provide a method for creating professional notices. Once you create your notice using the software, you can select several printing options. Computer programs offer printing options that include collation, page orientation, and number of copies or paper type.

In addition, printing a notice requires the proper connection of a printer to the computer.

Make sure your printer is properly installed by checking that the cables are connected. In addition, make sure your printer's drivers are installed. To do so, check the "Printers and Faxes" or the "Printer" section of your programs file menu. The printer should appear in both locations.

Preview your notice. This will let you view the notice as it will appear in print. Review the format, margins and overall appearance of your notice. Typically, print features are located under the "File" menu of word processing and publishing programs. Click "File" in your program and find the "Print preview" command. Click "Print preview" to open and review your document.

Print your notice by clicking the "Print" button and selecting your options. Choose how many copies you would like, which pages to print, paper type, collation settings and orientation. Select the installed printer from the "Printer" section or drop-down menu. Review your selections and click "Print" to send the notice to the printer. Alternatively, select "File" then "Print..." to open the "Print" dialogue box and complete your selections.