The best hot rollers to really curl hair

Hot rollers are one of the quickest ways to turn straight, limp locks into a head of beautiful, bouncing curls. Hot rollers also give the body and "grip" your hair will need for updos and wedding hairstyles. The key to getting the curls or body you want is to use the type of hot rollers best suited to your hair type. You'll also want to choose the right size of hot rollers, based on the desired end result. Smaller rollers will produce a tighter, more formed curl and are good for creating spiral curls. Medium to large rollers produce more all-over body, as opposed to defined curls.

Sponge Rollers

Sponge rollers are heated via steam, allowing them to become hot enough to curl your hair in as little as 10 minutes. Steam is gentler than other types of heat, infusing the hair with moisture as it forms the curl. This makes them a good choice for those with very fine, dry or damaged hair. Wrapping the ends of your hair in end papers, typically used for wrapping hair around perm rods, can make rolling hair with sponge rollers easier.

Ceramic Infused Hot Rollers

These rollers are equipped with a ceramic core, which emits ions to promote shiny, healthy-looking curls. Their infrared heat technology seals the cuticle of the hair, locking in the newly formed curls. Sealing the hair's cuticle layer helps eliminate frizz and drooping of curls due to humidity. Ceramic hot rollers are a good choice for those with naturally curly hair, which is prone to humidity and frizz, or those who need their curls to last all day and into the evening.

Wax Core Hot Rollers

As the name suggests, this type of hot roller features a wax centre. The purpose of this wax core is to hold the heat longer than other types of hot rollers. Since hot rollers should not be removed from the hair until they have completely cooled, it will often take longer to set hair using this type of hot roller, but for those with curl-resistant hair, the benefits will far outweigh the longer setting time. Wax core rollers are recommended for those with healthy fine hair that often rejects curls, or Asian hair. People with very thick or long hair also will benefit from wax core rollers, as the longer cool down time allows the heat of the roller to penetrate through many layers of hair wrapped around the individual rollers. The result is a uniform curl from root to tip.

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