How to Use Elimin8 by Rusk

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Many people have experienced a time when dying their hair did not turn out how it was planned. Removing the colour is possible with Rusk Elimin8, which is an effective colour corrector. It works as a non-evasive colour remover that will leave your hair as healthy as when you started.

Perform a strand test before using the product to determine how your hair will react.

Mix part 1, which is a colour reducer, with part 2, which is a conditioning catalyst. The mix will be thick and rich, which will be easy to apply only to the areas that need the correction.

Mix with a 10-volume or lower processing lotion according to manufacturer instructions.

Apply the product within 30 minutes of mixing, as that is when it is most effective.

Leave the product on according to the time chart provided, as different needs will need different times.

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