Types of Stearns and Foster Mattresses

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Stearns and Foster mattresses are the high-end line of beds made by Sealy. The brand began in 1846 near Cincinnati, Ohio, and eventually the company was regarded as a producer of high-quality mattresses highlighted by style and design. In 1994, the company's beds were completely redesigned, resulting in near-perfect customer satisfaction. The types of mattresses in the product line range from firm to soft, so you can easily find a bed that you find comfortable.


The Stearns and Foster Traditional mattresses are the least expensive of their product line. The term "low quality" does not define these innerspring beds; they are made of luxurious materials and handcrafted details, such as handles and embroidery. The fabrics are of silk, cashmere and microsuede. The comfort layers combine support with softness. Layers of memory foam or latex foam can be added for extra comfort. The individually wrapped offset coils give support that will last for years.

Silver Dream

The limited edition Silver Dream innerspring mattresses have more comfort and support than the traditional type. The springs are created with an inner coil and an outer coil that sense your body weight and give the amount of support your body needs. A layer of joma wool insulates your body, allowing it to breathe naturally. Silver Dream beds have 2 inches of latex foam within the padding to conform to and support your body and allow you to feel as though you are sinking into the bed.

Golden Elegance

Stearns and Foster's Golden Elegance mattresses feature even more luxurious materials and details than the Silver Dream type. In addition to the double coil system, wool layer and latex foam, this type of mattress features an outer fabric of silk, cashmere and merino wool for one of the most luxurious sleeping surfaces you will ever experience. All of the comfort layers are hand-tufted to minimise shifting and allow the bed to evenly wear over time.

Box Spring

Stearns and Foster box springs are designed to be paired with their companion mattress. When used together, the mattress is able to give the level of support that was intended by the manufacturer. The coils inside the box springs give and flex, allowing it to be a shock absorber for the mattress. Like the high-quality mattresses, the Stearns and Foster foundations are made of premium materials and will help the mattress last longer than if you use an old or no box spring.

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