Documents Needed to Apply for a New German Passport

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German passports are used by German nationals Germany when travelling outside the country; such passports can be obtained in Germany or in German diplomatic missions abroad including embassies, consulates and honorary consulates.

German citizens living abroad must submit applications for passports in person at a diplomatic mission; in addition to an application form and fee, supporting documents must be supplied when applying in order to prove the applicant's eligibility for a Germany passport.

Application Forms

Application forms for German passports can be obtained at local registration offices in Germany or from a diplomatic mission outside Germany; application forms can also be downloaded from the websites of most diplomatic missions. The application forms, supporting documents and a processing fee must be submitted in person at the registration office either in the German city in which the applicant resides or at a diplomatic mission in the country in which the applicant resides. Different forms are used for adults and minors up to the age of 12.

Identity Documents

German passports are issued only to German citizens; applicants must demonstrate that they are legally entitled to hold a German passport by providing documents to prove their identify. Applicants must provide an original birth certificate, as well as a copy thereof; if applicable, originals and copies of the applicant's marriage license, divorce certificate or the death certificate of an applicant's spouse must also be submitted with the application form. If applicable, a naturalisation document or permission to retain German citizenship must also be provided.

Residency Documents

German citizens applying for a passport while living abroad must prove that they are legal residents of the foreign country. For example, German citizens living in the United States must submit a United States residency permit, such as a resident alien card, residency visa or a United States passport if they are dual citizens of Germany and the U.S. Applicants must also submit a U.S. driver's license or a utility bill with their name and legal address.

Current Passport

If an applicant holds an expiring or expired German passport, they must provide their current passport when applying for a new passport. A copy of the passport's photograph page that includes the holder's personal details must also be supplied when submitting an application. If the current passport includes a German place of residence, applicant's must provide an original and a copy of the confirmation of deregistration ("Abmeldebescheinigung") from the previous residence. If an applicant's name has changed, a declaration of the applicant's legal name may also be required.

Requirements for Minors

Minors under the age of 18 must provide the original or certified copies of current passports or identification cards; certified copies of the passports of both parents must also be submitted. Copies must include the page with date and photo of the passport holder. A certified copy of the parent's marriage license must also be provided, if applicable, and if the applicant's parents were married in Germany, the family register should be submitted. If applying for a passport for the first time, a declaration of the child's legal name must be provided.