Beyonce Costume Ideas

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Beyonce is a great character for costume parties because she has had so many glamorous style moments. Dressing up as Beyonce does not have to be super-expensive, despite the star's A-list appeal. You can choose one of your favourite looks and put together your costume with thrift store purchases and a few hair and make-up tricks.

The Dress

Beyonce's style revolves around classic glamour, often with a gorgeous dress taking centre stage. Use this simplicity to create a great Beyonce costume by wearing a glitzy gown. Floor length, slinky and naturally structured is the preferred style, and if you want expensive lace, embroidery or crystals, you might find that renting a gown from a local store is best. You also can find glamorous dresses in thrift stores and flea markets, but leave enough time to shop around. For a true Beyonce moment, choose a dress with a sweeping skirt, softly tailored top and nipped-in waist. You could also buy a simple maxi-dress and customise it by sewing on jewels, ribbon or lace.


The style of stars such as Beyonce has influenced mainstream fashion, so you should be able to find the right accessories in regular stores. The two most important accessories are large, glitzy earrings and a pair of heels. Beyonce usually wears just a couple of statement accessories, so make sure that these are large and eye-catching. Look for gold-coloured, drop earrings with plenty of diamante. Shoes can be any style that you like, as long as the emphasis is on creating height and glamour.


Beyonce's look centres around groomed, natural beauty and perfect skin. If you will revealing your shoulders, arms or legs, ensure that they are smooth and glowing. Use a good body scrub and moisturise well. If you have time to plan, then use a radiance body lotion that gives your skin a natural glow and apply this daily for a week or two before the event. To dress the costume, smooth on a body shimmer, such as Nars Body Glow. Other make-up essentials include a nude lip gloss, plenty of black eyeliner and mascara. Apply a medium-full coverage foundation so that your skin looks photo perfect.


You can buy Beyonce wigs online or in party stores and these are a really easy way to make your character instantly recognisable. If you have thick, long or curly hair, you can style it like Beyonce by creating a classically glamorous style. Set long hair on large rollers, then blow-dry the style out for maximum volume. Or you could use ceramic tongs to create masses of neat, modern curls. Beyonce often has caramel-coloured highlights, so if you have darker hair, you could use a temporary spray-in colour for effect. Beyonce's 2010 advertisements for Dereon saw her sporting a giant, blonde beehive.

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