What Are Traits of Alpha Males?

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An alpha male is the dominant male in a group of his peers. The term "alpha male" derives from the animal kingdom in which alpha males claim sexual rights to all females, fight off other males to enforce their dominance and eat first after every kill. In a modern sense, human alpha males, like animals, will often be the strongest, most intimidating and popular with the ladies. Various traits can help you identify an alpha male in a nightclub, party or workplace.

He Oozes Confidence and Bravado

The alpha man is a natural leader. Everything he does seems effortless and he is admired for his physical fitness, mental acuity and successful endeavours. This man is sought after by women and well-respected by other men. You won't catch him blushing because he's embarrassed or twiddling his thumbs out of anxiety.

He's Self-Absorbed and Selfish

Alpha males are known to be highly ambitious. They know what they want and will do anything to get it, even if that means overlooking other people's feelings. This doesn't mean that he has a mean streak, it just means that he is not as sensitive as other men. Those who want to maintain friendships and relationships with alpha males need to grow a thick skin to keep from constantly getting hurt because he often overlooks them.

He Doesn't Need Your Approval

If he likes something that no one else does, he may start a new trend. If another man had attempted to do the same, he would have been ridiculed. This separates the alpha male from the pack. Others seek his approval, not the other way around.

He Commands Attention

In animal species, the alpha male is the one who attracts the most females. The same is the case in an alpha man because his physical appearance is more impressive than the average male's. When you walk into a crowded room, your eyes will be drawn to the alpha male because he's standing in the centre of the crowd.

He Knows How to Make a Good Impression

The alpha male dresses well and is meticulous about his appearance. He is masculine yet well groomed. He's not a slob or a bumbling gorilla. He's a smooth talker and speaks slowly because he's not afraid that you'll lose interest in what he has to say.

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