How to Make a Taurus Guy Trust You Again

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People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are known for their earthiness, sensuality, love of luxury, reliability, patience, thoroughness and practical wisdom. Other less attractive traits include their stubbornness as well as jealousy and possessiveness.

The bull's stubborn facade is often protecting a surprisingly delicate ego. If your partner is a Taurus guy and you have violated his trust, it's going to take a lot of effort and patience on your part to earn it back.

Communicate with your Taurus man to get at the issue that led to the breach of his trust. Taurus men, with their shy and stubborn demeanour, will not tend to initiate discussions, especially if they believe you are at fault. Tell your Taurus man how you were feeling in your relationship when you broke his trust, being careful not to accuse him of weaknesses as that will only make him feel defensive and prevent him from opening up about his feelings.

Follow through on commitments and promises you make to him to regain his trust. By ensuring that your actions are consistent with your words, he will begin to feel that he can rely on you again. During this period of healing, this is not a time to leave him guessing regarding your actions. Taurus men do not tend to be spontaneous and feel more comfortable with what they can predict while valuing reliability in people.

Show patience while being persistent. Continue to demonstrate to your Taurus man by your actions that you are truly sorry for losing his trust. While a Taurus man's romantic feelings might be slow to reignite after a breach of trust, you can show him you love him by appealing to his sensuous side by making his favourite dinner, offering to give him a massage, spending time with him enjoying the outdoors or attending his favourite art gallery.

Consult a couples therapist to explore the trust issues in your relationship. Taurus men are not always open with their feelings and might need the services of a psychotherapist to open up the communication process. Keep in mind that there is nothing you can do to speed up the healing process after you have breached a Taurus man's trust as Taurus people are notoriously slow in action and exceedingly stubborn. That combination means that you are going to have to slowly and patiently work with the therapist to regain his trust.