How to Make a Sagittarius Male Fall in Love

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Sagittarius is one of the fire signs of the zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter. If you think of some of the associations of both the sign's element and the Roman god for whom the planet is named, you will gain some insight into the Sag personality.

Jupiter, similar to Zeus in the Greek pantheon, is the king of the gods and was also known as Jove. Most Sagittarians have rather jovial personalities -- expansive, outgoing, friendly and confident. They project warmth but can burn those whom they perceive as disrespecting their power. Sag men tend to feel attracted to women who share both their confidence and their love of adventure.

Dazzle him with your star quality. Look your best and dress to highlight your features. Ooze confidence. A Sag man wants to feel that his mate could have any other man but chooses him. A Sagittarian also needs to explore new territory so don't lay all your cards on the table at once. Reserve a bit of mystery.

Emphasise the positive. Sagittarians tend toward boundless optimism and confidence. They prefer the company of women who are successful and happy. Keep your confidences about insecurities and old pain for your friends and therapist, or choose a Cancer boyfriend if you want someone to hold your hand while you cry. The Sag man feels uncomfortable in the presence of people who lack his buoyancy.

Do not tie him down. Ideally, be ready to join in whenever he suggests going to a party or taking off on an adventure vacation. When you cannot do this, make it clear to him that you do not mind if he goes without you. In terms of relationship commitment, avoid expressing possessiveness or jealousy. Sag men are capable of loyalty, but are not always noted for their fidelity -- think of Zeus' many dalliances.

Never bore him. Men born in this zodiac sign enjoy surprise and stimulation. Plan a weekend trip to a new destination he has always wanted to visit. Be witty, intelligent and entertaining in your conversation.