Desserts to Make for a Big Group

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Dessert caps any dining event, whether you're hosting five people or 50. The key to making a dessert for large groups is choosing a dish that serves easily and plentifully. For instance, individual dessert glasses filled with trifle is time-consuming in presentation and preparation. Large-scale deserts that require limited preparation and baking that serve many are ideal for sizeable gatherings.

Large Cake

Sheet cakes are easy to make, decorate and serve, whether you buy one at the store or make it yourself at home. A sheet cake lets guests serve themselves or at least requires minimal effort to serve. For unusually large number of guests, bake multiple sheet cakes or layer cakes and place them next to each other.

Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream on the Side

A large, colourful fruit salad with the option of whipped cream topping is perfect for a hot summer day or the health-conscious guest. Peel and mix the fruit in a large serving bowl right before serving. Fruit salad that sits in the refrigerator for several hours becomes soggy and acidic. Don't add extra sugar, as this expedites the spoiling process. Serve your fruit salad in a large dish with a separate bowl or canister of whipped cream.

Sundae Bar

Place six or so toppings in small bowls with spoons next to a 1/2 gallon of ice cream and let guests serve themselves. This dessert works well with kids more than eight-years-old and adults who don't mind waiting their turn at the bowl of gummy worms. Keep the bowls covered with plastic or tin foil before serving to prevent spilling or sampling. Bring out one container of ice cream one at a time to stagger the melting.

Small Baked Goods

For a casual get together, small baked goods, like cookies and brownies, make a tasty, easy-to-serve dessert option. Bake the desert close to serving time or cover each stack of cookies with several slices of bread and a layer of tin foil to preserve the soft texture and moistness. As a general rule for any large party, skip the nuts, someone will inevitably be allergic.

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