Advantages of Bulletin Boards

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Notice boards impart information and facilitate communication. Both traditional and online notice boards save time, keep people informed and can serve a variety of purposes, from inspiring students to providing information about community resources.


Notice boards keep people abreast of events, opportunities and peer activities in school or at work. A college notice board, for example, provides information about everything from summer vacation job opportunities and forthcoming poetry readings to graduate research opportunities and student accommodation.

Sense of Community

Traditional and online notice boards can symbolise a sense of belonging and social cohesion. Libraries, for example, serve their local population and are a centre of community activity, while a library's notice board is an extension of this service and is a communal facility. Someone running a computer education program for seniors, for example, could post information about this on the library's notice board. Online notice boards, such as one for writers, also help impart a sense that people who make use of the board are part of a wider community.

Fostering Inspiration

Notice boards sometimes serve to inspire and motivate. Classroom notice boards, for example, showcase students' pictures, poems and stories to encourage them and make them feel that their talents are valued and appreciated. They can also serve as a useful learning tool. A Shakespeare notice board, for example, might make students feel less daunted by the archaic Elizabethan language, particularly if it is a vehicle for the students' own thoughts and insights about Shakespeare's poetry and plays.


In a workplace environment, notice boards can save time and promote productivity. A staff notice board offered as part of a company's internal extranet communication systems saves people the hassle of sorting through superfluous e-mails that aren't work-related. Instead, assignments, memos and messages from clients can be posted on the company's notice board.

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