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What Kind of Bedroom Lighting for a Teen Boy?

Whether they're studying, playing video games, listening to music or hanging out with friends, teen boys spend lots of time in their bedrooms. When you're decorating your teen's bedroom, don't forget about lighting. Lighting plays an important role in how well the room functions and also in the overall decor. Choose lighting that works well and also speaks to the room's and your son's style.

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Ceiling Fixtures

Because their function is to light up the entire room, ceiling fixtures are the workhorses of the lighting world. If your teen's bedroom has a boring ceiling light with a plain glass cover, replace it with something stylish and masculine. Because they are sleek and fairly unadorned, modern contemporary fixtures work well in a teen boy's room. Recessed lighting or track lighting blend into the ceiling and are also good choices. Rustic, antique-looking fixtures also look masculine and appropriate for a teen boy's room.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can illuminate specific areas of your son's room or allow him to light up his room more subtly than an overhead ceiling fixture. If his room features contemporary decor, look for sleek chrome or funky transparent plastic models. If you've gone a more traditional route, craftsman and mission style look masculine and work well for a teen boy.

Desk and Table Lamps

Desk lamps are especially important for a teen room that is used as a study zone while table lamps become important in a room with few windows, small windows or poor overhead lighting. Table lamps take up the slack where windows and overhead lighting leave off while a lamp on a bedside table is convenient for reading in bed. Shop around and you'll find many styles suitable for a teen boy's room, including sports, rock 'n' roll, surfing or aviation themes or sleek contemporary styles.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan with a light kit is a practical choice as it offers both light and air circulation. A plain white ceiling fan is unobtrusive and for the most part blends into a white ceiling. For a modern room, choose a shiny chrome fan, and for a more traditional fan, a Craftsman style. If your son's room has a surfer vibe, there are even ceiling fans with blades carved to look like palm tree leaves.

Just for Fun

Teens love the unexpected and the nontraditional, so just for grins work at least one novelty light into your son's room. You have plenty of fun, funky choices, so you're sure to find something that works well in his room and may even become a focal point. Just some of the options in novelty lighting are lava lamps, neon signs, strobe lights, black lights and lamps shaped to look like all sorts of objects, from dolphins to peace signs to footballs.

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