Fun & Simple Games for Six-Year-Olds

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Playing games is an important aspect in the physical, mental and social development of a 6-year-old child. The best games for a 6-year-old are fun enough to keep the child engaged, but simple enough that he can understand the rules. From the backyard to the back seat, fun and simple games can be used to teach children concepts like counting and listening to instructions or simply relieve boredom in a constructive way.

Outdoor Games

Classic outdoor games like hide and seek, kick the can and red rover have simple rules, making it easy for 6-year-olds to understand how to play. Some games, like tag, have a basic rule set which kids can later elaborate upon, making it a game that grows up along with the child. A simple game of tag can be played with one player as "it," trading off each time another player is tagged. As kids mature they may want to experiment with new rules like adding home bases or variations like freeze tag.

Card Games

A 6-year-old child should be able to recognise numbers, letters, colours and symbols making it an appropriate age to teach the child basic card games. Old Maid, Go Fish and Memory are three card games specially tailored to young children. These games have simple rules that teach children how to match like objects and improve their memory skills. Simple card games can be played with any basic deck of playing cards, but special child-friendly versions of these games can also be purchased.

Indoor Games

There are many simple games for 6-year-olds to choose from when playing indoor. Games like Simon Says and Duck, Duck Goose can be played with little space but give kids the chance to move their bodies. Party games like Musical Chairs and Hot Potato have simple rules designed so children learn how to think on their feet. Kids' games don't always have to be competitive. Games like Telephone are about having fun and being silly more than winning the game.

Games for the Car

While on a long car trip 6-year-old kids tend to become easily bored, so instead of pacifying them with a DVD,engage them with a game. A guessing game like Twenty Questions helps kids to tap into their imaginations using simple game play and deductive reasoning. Play alphabet games with your child by pointing out different letters on billboards and number plates. This not only helps pass the time but helps her practice her reading skills.

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