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Coffee shop design ideas

Some coffee shop entrepreneurs may find it difficult to stand out among the multitudes of chain shops. But by designing your coffee shop in a unique way, you may find your customers coming back to your shop again and again.

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Italian Cafe Style

Whisk your customers to Italy by designing your coffee shop with authentic Italian flair. Showcase your menu on a traditional vineyard styled chalkboard. Offer rustic style chairs and paint the walls with warm and neutral colours. Add fresh fruit baskets to the tables to accent the natural, earthy tones the Italian culture has to offer.

French Cafe Style

Give your coffee shop a French appeal by painting the walls with rich, bold, contrasting colours such as dark brown and almond to give off the essence of coffee, cream, and chocolate. Provide clean, dark wooden seating with tables that are draped with an elegant white table cloth. Put the finishing touches on your French cafe with European-inspired wall art framed in dark, yet decorative frames.

Japanese Style Kissaten

While many cafes in Japan may boast a European or American look, there are a few that offer up a more traditional experience. These are called kissatens. Give your coffee shop this style by putting in a bar counter with stools near the serving centre and use clean, light colours for table tops and other furniture. Decorate the walls with Japanese-inspired art and decorate tables with lilies.

50s Diner Style

Give your coffee shop a vintage American feel by designing your coffee shop with a 1950s diner-style flair. Use booth-style seating and aluminium-edged tables and classic-diner style counter seating. Decorate the walls with vintage car photos and vintage movie posters featuring celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

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