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Cake Shop Name Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Opening your own cake shop is exciting and terrifying, and coming up with a good name for it is both those things, as well. A lot rides on your shop's name; you want to set your shop apart from others in the area, and entice customers to try your cakes. By keeping a few concepts in mind, you'll be able to name your shop well, no matter where it's located.

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Audience Appeal

When naming your cake shop, consider your intended audience. For example, take geography. If your cake shop is opening near Niagara Falls, find a way to work this natural feature into your shop name. A name like this should cater to both local residents and tourists alike. Avoid names that obscure the purpose of your shop, or seem out-of-step with the local culture. If you're going to go with an edgy name like "Cakegasm," be absolutely sure your local audience will appreciate it.

Cake Types

If your cake shop has a particular area of speciality, work that into the name. A shop that specialises in high-end wedding cakes will have a considerably different atmosphere from a shop with a speciality in whimsical children's cakes. A name like "Cake Dreams" is simple, elegant and to the point -- good for high-end cakes. Meanwhile, choose a name that communicates fun and enthusiasm for your kids' cake shop, like "Happy Cakes."


Let what sets your cake shop apart from others in the area guide you toward a name. If you're the only gluten-free cake shop in the area, for example, emphasise that in the name. Don't make potential cake buyers have to read that next line in your advertisement to learn that information. "Latisha's Gluten-Free Cakes" may seem simple, but the rarity of a shop specialising in gluten-free cakes nails your potential clients for you. In this case, you don't need cleverness to convince people to come into the shop -- your cakes just need to live up to the store name while being delicious.


Don't be too clever with your shop name, and don't choose something insulting or offensive. A name that makes window shoppers feel stupid or uncomfortable won't get them to come in and buy your cakes. Also, avoid choosing a name that's too long and complicated. "Pattycake, Pattycake, Baker Man" may be clever, but it's also rather lengthy. A simple "Pattycake" is probably enough to cause potential cake-buyers to reminisce about the childhood rhyme -- and it fits better on a sign and other promotional materials.

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About the Author

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