Tricks for Decorating a Function Hall for a Wedding

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Most function halls available for weddings feature bare walls, drab furniture and unflattering fluorescent lighting--not exactly the image today's design-savvy couples wish to convey.

By contracting with a good florist, lighting specialist and party rental company, couples can transform the plainest function hall into the wedding locality of their dreams. With new decorating options constantly hitting the market, it's possible to find everything from flowers to linens which fit a wedding's overall theme.


Lighting is a major key to the overall ambience of the wedding and reception. Add warmth and personality to each table by displaying candles in various types and heights. In an article for, lighting specialist Josh Walther states that up-lighting--lights placed around a room to cast light upward instead of down--creates depth and drama. Golden or amber lighting mimics candlelight, but couples often choose other colours to coordinate with the wedding party's attire. Since LED lights never get hot and come in extensive colours, they're usually the first choice of lighting specialists.


Not just for topping tables, fabric can be draped along walls and billowed from the ceiling of a function hall to soften its appearance and introduce colour. Linda Lieberman of Just Linens in New York City tells that fabric options are practically endless, from sheer tulle to crisp taffeta and sensual velvet. Choose colours and materials to coordinate with the wedding's theme and then accent fabric with tassels, beading, cording or metal scrolls. Tablecloths can be layered to introduce several colours, and each place set with coordinating napkins and chair covers.

Flowers and Foliage

Create floral centrepieces with the same types and colours of flowers featured in the bridal bouquet. Floral designer Erin Blair Kluzak suggests scattering flower petals, rocks, seashells or other organic materials around centrepieces and candles to pull them together into one design statement. Repeat these accents atop buffet tables. Ask your florist about renting trees, topiaries or even live hedges to accent important areas of the hall. Or contact a local nursery about renting decorative plants to add a touch of the outdoors to the indoor space.

Extra Touches

Consider setting up a lounge area in one corner of the function hall. An oasis of calm, this area provides an area for guests to converse. According to, it should feature all the elements of a comfortable living room--sofas, end tables, area rugs and soft lighting. If your party rental company lacks these items, contact a prop rental company. They also will have other decorative accents to add personality to your wedding, such as columns and vintage home accessories.