Serta Hotel Mattress Specifications

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Serta is one of the leading mattress and bedding manufacturers in the U.S. Since 1931, the company has been furnishing not only homes, but also many hotels with mattresses. Hampton Inn, Doubletree, and Waldorf Hotel are among dozens of hotel chains that provide exclusive hotel-style Serta mattresses for their clients to get a good night's rest upon. The exceptional quality of mattress that Serta provides for its partnered hotel chains has seen its customers wanting to purchase one for their own bedrooms.

Hampton Bed by Serta

The Hampton bed features a focus on coil support and is specially designed to help prevent edge breakdown. The Hampton mattress also features a patented quilted design along with a cushioned mattress top to help improve circulation during sleep while combating tossing and turning. The Hampton mattress set is available California king size for £942, king size for £942, queen size for £812 and full size for £682 (see References) as of January 2011.

Sweet Dreams Bed by Serta

The Doubletree hotel chain features this line of mattress from Serta. The Sweet Dreams mattress features advanced comfort from quilt design paired with a continuous innerspring support. The mattress is also made with flame-resistant materials. The Doubletree Sweet Dreams bed is available in California king or king size for £1,105 or Queen size for £975.

The Waldorf Bed by Serta

The Waldorf's mattress by Serta boasts a design that creates five unique cushioned comfort zones for varying degrees of support, depending the individual. Serta pairs this mattress with a box spring featuring an innerspring configuration to promote lower back support and minimise the effects of any movement from others sleeping next to you. This Serta mattress comes equipped with materials containing the Serta exclusive FireBlocker to help protect against home fires. The Waldorf Serta is available in a king size for £1,170 with a £1,040 price point for a Queen size.

The Circadian Bed by Serta

This plushy pillow-top mattress was exclusively created in conjunction with Serta for the Kor hotel group. It features a dovetail interlocking foam encasement design. The box spring paired with this mattress is a double beam design. The Circadian mattress boasts a cushy, yet supportive, upholstery layer above Serta's supportive innerspring system. The Circadian is offered in queen size for £780, king size for £910 and California king for £971.

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