How to Tighten Ladder Lock Buckles

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Ladder lock buckles are used in a variety of products, from combat and bicycle helmets to knapsacks and strollers. Increasing the tension in order to tighten or loosen the strap the buckles hold in place requires you to loosen the straps and tug them back into place. Sometimes determining which way the strap should be pulled can be confusing, actually loosening the buckle rather than tightening it, which can lead to an accident if you don't realise it's been loosened.

Lift the tab that locks and holds the strap tightly in place.

Loosen the webbed nylon strap by prying it and drawing it into a small loop.

Draw the loosened strap through the ladder lock, which may take a little effort if it is not loose enough, or if it is twisted.

Pull the strap tight on the opposite end of the ladder lock to make the strap tighter, and test the fit to make sure it won't be too tight or too loose. If too tight, loosen and draw the strap back in the opposite direction. If too loose, loosen a little more of the strap and pull it tight at the end of the ladder lack.

Push the clasp back into place to maintain the strap tension once you have reached the desired tightness.

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