How to Install a Levy's Banjo Strap

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Since its founding in 1973 by Dennis Levy, Levy's Leathers Limited has made leather items ranging from instrument straps to knife sheathes. The company's instrument strap product line contains straps designed for use with acoustic guitars, electric guitars and the banjo. Unlike guitars, which usually come equipped with one or two strap buttons, banjos require a special attachment process. Whatever type of Levy banjo strap you have, you can attach it to your banjo in a few steps.

Unfold a Levy banjo strap and check the ends to determine the type of attachment. Levy banjo strap ends come in three major types: clasp, hook, string and snap.

Attach one end of a Levy banjo strap to the banjo's drum bracket just to the right of the neck. Attach a clasp end by pressing open the clasp, hooking it over the bracket and releasing the clasp to close it in place. Attach a hook end by hooking it onto the bracket. Attach a string end by wrapping both ends of the string around the bracket and tying them in a knot. Attach a snap end by undoing the snap, wrapping it around the bracket and snapping it into place.

Attach the opposite end of the banjo strap to the bracket nearest the tailpiece. Use the attachment method for your type of banjo strap.

Slip the banjo strap over the shoulder of your fretting arm, hold the banjo firmly in your hands and stand up.

Grip the strap bracket and pull the long end of the strap through the bracket to shorten the strap. Pull the short end of the strap through the bracket to shorten the strap.

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