How to Change a Caller Tune in a Vodafone

Vodafone mobile phone service is available across Europe, through the Middle East and into Africa. Further coverage, including the U.S., is available through roaming agreements. In addition to common phone brands including Nokia and HTC, Vodafone markets devices made by other companies such as Sagem, stickering them with Vodafone's own brand name. The devices often feature polyphonic ring tones -- the ring tones that make a musical tune when a call comes in. These caller tunes can be changed.

Select the "Profiles" menu option from the main screen. You will be presented with a list of profiles that include "Normal," in which the phone rings; "Only Vibrate," in which the phone doesn't ring, but vibrates; and "Silent Mode," in which the phone doesn't make any sounds at all.

Choose "Normal" and then press "Options." Choose the function to which you want to allocate the ringtone. You can choose among call receiving, message receiving, alarm and so on. In this case, choose "Call Receiving."

Select "Download Ringtones" to download new ring tones. Choose "Preloaded" to choose a caller tune from the phone's default pre-installed list; pick "My Files" to choose a tune you have installed on the phone; and choose "Silent" for the silent ringtone. Select the caller tune you like and press the central "Navigator" button.

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