How to Set the Ringtone on a Binatone Solas 1500 Twin

business man on phone image by Paul Moore from

Binatone manufactures a series of home phones, business phones, cell phones, tablets and GPS devices. The home and business phone solutions offer several melody sounds, or ring tones. You can scroll through these options to select the sound that you would prefer to hear when the phone receives an incoming call.

Unfortunately, you cannot add custom ring sounds to your binatone phone. However, you can alter the volume to make the ring louder or softer.

Hold the "Menu" button on the phone until the displays lights up with "Phonebook."

Tap the "Down" button two times until the display reads "HS Ringer."

Tap "OK." Tap the "Down" button one time. Press the "OK" button once.

Scroll through the available ring sounds using the "Down" and "Up" buttons. When you locate the ring sound you wish to use, press the "OK" button.

Tap the "Menu" button then tap the "Down" button two times.

Tap the "OK" button two times.

Adjust the volume. Press the "Up" button to increase the volume. Press the "Down" button to decrease the volume." When you have reached the ideal volume, press the "OK" button.