How to change the frequency of cordless phones

David Clark/iStock/Getty Images

Cordless phones typically operate on two frequencies that may interfere with wireless connectivity since they are on the same frequency band. If you find that the frequency of your cordless phone is interfering with your Wi-Fi signal, you can switch the frequency channel on your phone or modify your wireless network.

Use a higher frequency phone as it provides additional security and better reception than lower-frequency phones.

Determine the frequency of your existing cordless phone. Cordless phones operate as a radio transmitter or receiver across a designated frequency. The clarity and range of your phone vary based on this frequency; when possible, buy a phone with a channel hopping function, because this increases the range of the phone and minimises interference from other electronic devices. If your phone doesn’t have this built-in functionality, manually change your phone’s frequency. There frequencies used for cordless telephones in the UK range from 1642.00 kHz to 77.5500 MHz. The higher the frequency, typically the less interference and greater the range of the phone. Additionally, there is increased security when using higher frequencies. However, interference and lack of clarity may occur on any cordless phone because of the other electronic devices in your home or nearby.

Manually change your phone’s frequency. Cordless phones come equipped with a "Channel" button so that you can manually change the frequency of your phone. By changing the channel, you switch the frequency and range of your phone. Cordless telephones include this function, because the more people who use these devices, the more interference you will have.

Buy an antenna if you can't remove interference or still need to improve the clarity of your phone. If your phone has built in channel-hopping and you have attempted to change your phone’s frequency by using its "Channel" button to no avail, consider buying accessories that may help. Antenna range extenders can improve the clarity and functionality of your cordless phone. Some bases may have dual antenna connectors that enable you to mount two antennas on either side of a wall to improve clarity.