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How to Become a Lion Tamer

Updated February 21, 2017

Lion tamers have one of the most uncommon (and exciting) jobs on the planet. In order to become a lion tamer, you must have many years of experience and knowledge. Employment opportunities are not frequent, however if you work hard and learn quickly, you may find yourself in demand as a lion tamer.

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Go to college. If you want to be taken seriously as a lion tamer, you must get some college education in the area of zoology or veterinary medicine, with a concentration in big cats. Go for general courses in veterinary medicine, animal behavior and animal safety. The more formal education you have, the better chance you have of becoming a lion tamer.

Get lots of experience. Find out how you can volunteer at lion-rescue facilities, zoos or wild-animal parks. Seek out volunteer positions that are specifically oriented toward working with lions. You may start out with minimal interaction, if any at all. Stick with it and you'll move up into more hands-on interaction.

Be an intern. Once you've exposed yourself to some general experience working with lions, find an internship in which you can gain further experience and use the education you've obtained to become a lion tamer. Places to inquire about internships include big-cat rescue facilities, wild-animal sanctuaries and large zoos.

Distribute your resume. Conduct some research to figure out which direction you want to go using your lion-taming experience and education. Some potential employers to consider as a lion tamer include circuses, wild animal shows, zoos, animal rescue and sanctuary facilities as well as wild animal parks.

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