How to become a draughtsman

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Draughting is a career with a promising future, since skilled and talented draughtsmen are in high demand. Draughters can work in a many industries, making plans for buildings, scenery, toys or roads and highways. Draughtsmen should be detail-oriented, analytical, mathematical, artistic and creative.

Study draughting. There are different levels of degree options available. Study a two-year course at a community college. Or get a Bachelor's degree from a university, which will provide a more in-depth and concentrated training in a specialised area.

Become adept at hand and CAD draughting. Any decent institutional training should provide this. There are pros and cons with each type of draughting, and preference of type will vary among employers and projects.

Choose an area of specialisation. A mechanical draughter helps to design products. Architectural draughtsmen makes plans for builders to construct architect's designs. Aerospace draughtsmen make drawings of airplanes, helicopters or satellites. Different areas of expertise have different educational requirements.

Explore a variety of job opportunities. Many draughtsmen get hired full-time at companies, such as architecture firms or manufacturing companies. You also can work as a freelancer.

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