How to Set Up a Talent Agency

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Becoming a talent agent can be a dream job if you are successful. You will rub arms with talented performers and members of the entertainment industry, and earn money whenever your clients do.

It can seem almost impossible to get started as a talent agent, but in reality you probably have all of the things you need to get going already. Talent agents represent entertainers, and essentially spend their days finding work for their clients. Getting set up as a talent agent is quite simple, and you can put as much time into the work as you choose.

Look up your state requirements for setting up a talent agency (see Resources). California and Florida require a special talent agency license, but many other states either require nothing at all or just a standard business license. Contact your state for more detailed information.

Decide whether you wish to rent an office. Having an office will make your agency look more professional, but it will dramatically increase your start-up costs. Look into the costs of renting an office, but generally, for a small start-up agency, you can operate from home until you start making enough to justify an office.

Get involved in your local entertainment scene. You need to get to know people in the industry if you are going to succeed as a talent agent. Start gathering contacts that may be able to give your clients work in the future and start asking local entertainers if they are looking for an agent.

Take out an advertisement for talent. As you get to know people in the industry, you need to start building a roster of talent. Taking out an advertisement in a local newspaper is a good way to attract local talent. Start up a website for your agency - this is another good method of finding new entertainers for your agency roster.

Interview any entertainers who apply. Get them to give you a demonstration of their skills. If you are going to be a successful talent agent, you are going to need to find good talent. When starting up, your clients may not be as good, but you can't take on just anybody. Remember, every client you decide to take on is going to take up some of your time, so you need to take on the best talent you can.

Think about the places to book your acts. For example, contact bars to book musicians, book magicians and entertainers for parties, and book actors for advertisements or stage performances. Be assertive when trying to book your acts. You need to believe in them, and convince the venue owner or night organiser that your act is perfect for the slot. Remember, their work is your work.