How to Unfollow Someone on Tumblr If They Have Deleted

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If you enjoy sharing amusing or interesting images, video clips and other content online, then you might have signed up for a free Tumblr blogging account. Tumblr blogs include a social networking tool that allows users to "follow" each other and receive updates each time a user posts new Tumblr content.

If one of your Tumblr followers has deleted you, then you might also want to "unfollow" him. You can unfollow a Tumblr user from the Dashboard page on your Tumblr account.

Launch your Web browser, and sign in to your Tumblr account.

Click the "Dashboard" button in the main navigation menu.

Click the green "Following People" button at the top of the right-hand menu. This opens your Tumblr Following page.

Read through the list of people that you follow on Tumblr and find the user who you want to unfollow.

Click the "Unfollow" link beside the user. This removes the user from your Following list.