How to Read a Private Blogspot

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Blogspot is an online blogging platform. Bloggers are given a unique URL, or Web address, and complete creative control over their pages. Users can choose from a number of existing layout templates or tailor their own using the site's HTML editor. As a security measure, blogs can be made private by their owners. Once a page is made private, it can only be accessed by readers specified by the blog owner.

Contact the owner of the blog you wish to read. If the blogger is a close personal friend or relative, try phoning them for faster access. If you do not personally know the blogger, send them an e-mail explaining why you would like to follow their blog.

Await response from the blogger or from a Blogspot representative. Occasionally a blogger will contact you with further questions before confirming you as a permitted reader. Once you are confirmed, an invitation to read the blog will be sent to your e-mail.

Follow the appropriate link in the invitation e-mail. You will be given the option of signing into your Google account, creating a new Google account or continuing on to the blog as a guest reader.

Access the blog. Bookmark the page for easier access in the future.

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