How to make strike out text on four channels

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Four Channels is an imageboard website more commonly known as "4chan." It is famous for being the first place many popular Internet "memes" were seen, as well as for the actions of some of its users who call themselves "Anonymous" and have been allegedly involved in various Internet crimes.

4chan's format is that of a message board, mostly centred around the posting of discussions and images, and it uses the standard BBCode tags to format text in posts.

Open a web browser on your computer.

Visit ""

Use the menus at the top of the 4chan page to select an imageboard in which to post your text. This can be any imageboard, but because the image-boards are split according to content, anything deemed inappropriate for the topic of the imageboard may be deleted, even if it may actually be appropriate.

Click the link to start a new thread in your selected imageboard, or click on a thread created by someone else.

Click in the white box where you enter text. If you are starting your own thread, this will be at the top of the page. For someone else's thread, scroll to the bottom of the posts in the thread.

Type your post as normal, stopping when you reach the point at which you would like to type "strike out" text, which is better known as "strikethrough" text.

Type "[s]" into your post before the text you wish to strike through. When you have typed all that you wish to strike through, type "[/s]" (leaving out the quotation marks in both cases). These are called strikethrough tags. In BBCode, tags must be typed with the "[" and "]" brackets, and not the standard HTML "<" and ">" symbols, or any other symbols, or they will not work.

Continue typing the content of your post, using the above strikethrough method when needed. When done, press the button to post your content. If done correctly, your post will contain strikethroughs where you have placed the strikethrough BBCode tags.