How to Scan Pictures From a HP Deskjet Onto the Computer

The HP DeskJet all-in-one printer line comes with HP software to facilitate the scanning process. You can scan photos, documents and other objects in the scanner. The image is sent to the HP scanning software, and you can edit it if needed. The HP scanning software is included with the driver installation, so chances are if you installed the driver package for your DeskJet you also installed the associated scanning software.

Open the lid of the scanning bay on the DeskJet printer.

Align your paper so that it is face down against the scanner's glass. Lower the scanner lid.

Press the "Scan" button. Go over to your computer once the paper has finished scanning. The HP scanning software should load automatically and display a preview of your scanned image. Accept the scan if it looks correct to launch the image editor. You can make changes to your image before saving it.

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