How to Adjust Links on a Chanel Ladies J12

A watch that fits correctly is important for both comfort and style. Watches that slide around on the wrist or are too tight are not good for the user. The Chanel ladies J12 watch has a metal band which is made up from links. To adjust the watch so that it is the correct fit, you need to add or remove links from the watch band. You can do this using items found around the house.

Put the watch on your wrist and close the clasp. Pinch the watch strap. The number of links contained in the pinch is the number of links that you need to remove from the strap.

Turn the watch over. Look for small arrows etched on the underside of some of the links. These are the removable links.

Push a pin into the hole on the side of one of the removable links. Push it in the direction that the arrow is pointing. The end of the holding pin will pop out of the other side. Pull the pin out with a pair of pliers. Repeat this process on the other side. Slide the link off. Remove as many links as necessary.

Realign the ends of the bands. Push the link holding pin into the hole to join the links together. Put on the watch to see if the fit is correct.

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