How to get rid of a plaster bagworm

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The favourite delicacy for plaster bagworms is old spiderwebs. These insects can be found in homes with old webs, often on the undersides of furniture and near baseboards where webs can collect. While it might be tempting to let bagworms rid homes of cobwebs, these pests will eat clothes and fabrics made of wool. Disposing of bagworm cases will often prevent further destruction, but additional steps need to be taken if plaster bagworms have infested the house.

Look for bagworm cases on the bottoms of chairs and bookshelves, and along baseboards and bottom edges of walls. Remove bagworm cases.

Clean and vacuum the house thoroughly. Take extra care to remove all spider webs because bagworms feed on them.

Place mothballs in airtight spaces to ward off bagworms. Mothballs are pesticides and must be used carefully. Follow the directions and only place them in spots listed on the label.

Treat indoor cracks and crevices with boric acid dust or other insecticides designed for clothes moths or bagworms if the house is infested.

Contact a pest control company to fumigate the house for severe infestations. Home products for fumigation are not currently available for plaster bagworms.

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