How to get rid of grasshoppers & crickets

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A problem with crickets and grasshoppers is an annoyance, whether they are inside or outside of the home. These pests come into the home by mistake because of light or damp climate. Once they come in, it is hard for them to get back out. If the problem is outside of the home, there are different cricket and grasshopper repellents and other things that, if adjusted, can help to control the number of crickets and grasshoppers that are around. There are many ways to help cut down on the amount of grasshoppers and crickets around the home.

Check for holes, including small holes, where crickets or grasshoppers can get through and into the home. Places to check for holes include storm doors, windows, doors and foundation of the home. Crickets and grasshoppers are attracted to light and moisture, so leaks should also be checked and repaired if found.

Clean out closets, storage areas and anywhere else in the home where there is any kind of clutter. This takes away some of the hiding places for these pests.

Set up different traps. One kind of trap has small squares that contain poison on the inside. Pests will eat the poison on the inside of the square and die. These traps need to be put where small children or animals cannot reach them, such as under beds, dressers and in closets.

Fill a bowl, cup or jar with about a cup of molasses. This is also a popular method for trapping crickets, as molasses puts off a strong odour that crickets can sense. The crickets will get stuck in the molasses and will die.

Go to a hardware store and look in the gardening centre to find sprays especially for getting rid of crickets. These sprays and chemicals can come in two different forms, liquid or foam. Inspect the home to find out where the crickets and grasshoppers are entering the home. Spray where the problem areas are.

Using all of these different techniques of traps, sprays and cleaning may not always work to eliminate the pest problem. In this case, calling a professional may be necessary. A professional can locate the problem and use a more effective source of spray or trap that can get rid of the pests. There are many different pest control businesses in various locations that can be contacted in most areas.

Mow the grass and trim weeds on a regular basis. Doing so will help eliminate crickets and grasshoppers, because grass is a favourite for these pests.

Pick up brush and cut down vines and branches outside of the home. Clean up any trash piles, wood, breeze blocks or dustbins close to the home. These items give crickets and grasshoppers somewhere to hide.

Clean out gardens and get rid of any unneeded plants near the home. There are different types of plants, such as calendula, alliums, horsehound or cilantra, that can be added to the garden to repel these pests. These plants will not work immediately, because they take time to grow.

Using sprays to repel and eliminate crickets and grasshoppers is a fast-acting solution to getting rid of these pests. These sprays and repellents can be found at any hardware store.

Making traps yourself is another way to cut down on the amount of problem crickets and grasshoppers. Mix molasses and water in an old can. Put the can in the ground, with only the top of the can sticking out from the ground. The crickets and grasshoppers will be attracted to the scent and will drown in the mixture.

Make traps and repellents yourself. Mix Tabasco, garlic oil, neem oil, and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on plants and anywhere else there are problem areas.

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